You are not Special — You are Unique!


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We’ve been exploring your mental screen. How your mental screen operates is unique to you.

While we gravitate to what makes us similar, we are each unique. Inherently unique, not subjectively special. Being “special” is an outside evaluation of you.

So Let’s Explore How Unique You Really Are

If you were to think of a pet, maybe a dog or a cat, what image comes to mind?

The image will have two components to it – the content and the process.

The content defines the pet — the color, the type/breed, the fur or hair, the eyes, etc.

The process defines how you experience the pet:

  • Do you see the image in color or black/white?
  • What size is the image?
  • What is the distance of the image from your viewpoint?
  • From what angle do you see the image?
  • Is there a tint on the image?
  • Is the image really an image or is it a movie or have movement in the image?

There are many process-oriented ways of exploring your mental screen.

Combined, the content and process create a unique configuration that codifies your experience or memory.

The slightest change in the content or process creates a change in the experience or memory. However it can take a degree of discernment to notice the change. Many changes can be made, however each experience or memory will have a few configuration changes which have more impact than others for that particular experience or memory.

Perhaps, if the image that came to mind was your first dog who passed away many years before and you still feel a little bit of loss — and you see that image in color and life size. There will be of course many other aspects of that image you can explore as mentioned above.

If you were to change the color of the image to black and white and then shrink down the image to the size of a post stamp, you may find that that the feeling of loss dissipates. Why would that be the case?

Because the feeling derived off of the initial configuration was one of loss. Changing the configuration will change the feeling. The specific body chemistry that you have labelled as “loss” is produced based off of the configuration that defines “loss” for you.

The way you configure “loss” for you is uniquely your own. Unfortunately, language falls short of the number of configurations possible. So over time we use the same label for different configurations. Two different configurations could feel very similar to what you label “loss” so you call both experiences the same.

So where can you start?

Take any feeling and settle into it and notice what image comes to mind with that feeling. Explore the content and process of that image. Don’t make any changes yet. Just notice if the label you have for that configuration still works. Maybe another label would be more accurate. Then maybe explore making little changes to the existing configuration. What happens to the feeling then? What label is more appropriate then?

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