How Your “Self-Image” Impacts Your Life


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Reading Time: 2 minutes

What else is on your mental screen? Have you heard the term “self-image”? Ever consider what that really means? How you see yourself on your mental screen is your self-image.

Have you ever reviewed what you look like on your mental screen? Have a look? What do you notice first?

Then consider the following questions.

  • Is it a full-image of you?
  • Is it just a specific body part?
  • Is it just your face or part of your face?
  • Is it a current image of you?
  • Is it a past image of you?
  • Is it a future image of how you think you will look?
  • How old do you look in the image?
  • Do you have clothes on?
  • What’s your style of dress in your self-image?
  • Are you in color or black/white?
  • Are you normal size? Smaller than you physically are or larger than you physically are in the image?
  • Is the image of you lighter or darker or just normal brightness?
  • Do you see any tint on the image of you?
  • What angle do you see yourself from? From above, below, straight on, right side, left side, from behind, or any spot in between?
  • What’s the background if any behind you?
  • How do you feel when you see this image of you?
  • Does it inspire you?
  • Do you feel satisfied?
  • Do you sense something is missing?
  • Does it feel complete?

Looking at the list above, how much can you learn about “you” and your inside world? How big is the world inside of you? How much of it has been explored? Perhaps you can use the time during the “Great Pause” (aka COVID) for some self-reflection in the manner above.

Your self-image will govern how you carry yourself in this world. It impacts how you relate with others, how you perform your work, and the decisions you make.

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