Quick Hack: Manage Your State to Get Mentally and Emotionally “Unstuck”


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Feeling stuck? Change your state to get unstuck!

What is a state?

Simply put, it is your psycho-physio-emotional being. Okay what the hell is that?

The thoughts you are thinking create the feelings in your body which in turn are expressed through your physical body to match the corresponding thoughts and feelings.

When you are thinking “happy” thoughts, feeling good, what is your body posture?

When you are thinking “sad” thoughts, feeling down, what is your body posture?

All three, your mental, emotional, and physical are connected.

Now there are many ways to change your state. Simple ways include smiling, screaming, standing up, clapping your hands, or even laughing out loud.

Sometimes it helps to really change your state. My personal favorite is to do my own version of a Maori Haka dance. I find it beautiful to see, and it is very different than my normal every day state so it makes for a nice shake up.

Disclaimer: Now you don’t need to go out and do this in public and risk cultural appropriation critiques. Do this in the comfort of your own home.

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