Discovering Your Mental Screen (Fundamentals Part 2)

Mental Screen

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Did you know you have a mental screen in your mind? Like a chalkboard or a smartboard or a LED screen. Are you aware of your mental board? If so, what does it look like?  

Some people are not aware of the fact they make mental images in their head. Some experience it but state it as just a “thought” they are having. Some are aware of their actual images or mental movies. Start where you are.  

Once you are aware of your mental image making ability. The next step is to identify the mental screen. The mental screen is the background of where your internal images rest.  

Think of the last time you were on a train or in a car. You will most likely recall this in one of two ways, either seeing what you saw then out of your own eyes where you are “associated” in the image OR you will recall seeing yourself in the image of the train or car, “disassociated” from the image itself.  

What’s amazing is that you can move between either of these perspectives when viewing an internal image. “Associated” the image take over the full width and height of your mental screen. This is what makes that experience feel so real. If you were to switch to “seeing yourself” in the image you might start seeing where the edges of the image end and the mental screen begins. Essentially the image is in the foreground and the mental screen is the background. Once aware of the distinction between the foreground and background, how many other images can you place on your mental screen?  

Give it a try. Here are some examples to play with.

  • Favorite dessert
  • Picture of you as a baby
  • Popular celebrity
  • Favorite car
  • Your first home

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