Understanding Your Mind and Mindhacking (Fundamentals 1)

Understand Your Mind

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Your brain is a physical organ. The Mind is more of an abstract concept. One way to think about the two is that your brain is the hardware and your mind is the software.

We’ll be exploring understanding your mind basically how your software works and if you like how to make changes to the software to improve your life. Your software and hardware are interactive. This means they each influence the other. The physical influences the non-physical and vice versa.

As an example, if you have been feeling down and sad (software), and if you then start jumping up and down, smiling, and singing (hardware), your change in physiology will alter how you think and feel. The hardware can alter your software.

Another example, if you are wanting to go to sleep but you find your brain racing with the day’s events or in anticipation for the next day, you can notice the speed of the mental movie, slow it down, change the color, lower the brightness all the while slowing down the associated dialog, softening the voice(s), lowering the volume so that it becomes quieter and darker on the inside (software), easing your body to relax and lowering your brainwave frequencies so you can drift off into a pleasant night’s sleep (hardware). Here we altered the software and the hardware responds in kind to help get you your desired outcome.

Now let’s start the exploration of your mind. No theories here. I recommend you have the experience of the suggested exercises and activities and you’ll have deeper, richer understanding of them.

Enter with curiosity and a sense of wonderment and you may be amazed as to “how” you work.

Who can benefit from mindhacking?

While almost anyone can benefit from learning more about their inner world and how it impacts their life, there a few key professions which I focus on the most who can get quick ROI.

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