The Content on Your Mental Screen (Fundamentals Part 3)


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So once you are aware of your mental screen, how many different pieces of content can you be aware of that reside on this screen? For example, if you recall buying something at the store today what all do you recall?

In that memory image on your mental screen, how many items are there?

An item could be the register, the person selling you the item, the item being purchased, the items around you, the money or card you pay with, etc…

The content of your images or movies is the content that actually resides in them.

If you think of your home, the image that may come to mind may be one of your living room. This may include your sofa, pillows, a TV, remote controls, windows, a door, a table, etc. All the elements that are present in the image are the contents of your image.

Pick any image and count how many content elements you can identify.

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